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Every organization craves growth and alignment. But how do you get there? When your day-to-day focus is the whirlwind of leading your organization, how do you step out to create an innovative strategy that propels your organization, your sales, your team’s personal and professional skills, to grow? Brand Outcomes isn’t a traditional ad agency or branding company. We’ve adapted our strategies to meet with changing industry needs. Our roots in advertising and cultural alignment set the basis for guiding organizations to increased sales, growth, and innovation. We are the minds behind the art of business advertising.


We help create products and experiences that grow businesses and launch early startups so they become valuable, thriving organizations.


The success of an organization depends on its employees, and we’re here to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


We develop strategic ideas that are specific to an organization’s exact needs and will transfer to an exponential growth in profitability.

We’re here to help you experience the new and unknown.

Brand Outcomes develops innovative methods to improve and grow businesses by merging advertising expertise with the mindset of an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re an early startup that needs to develop investor pitches and validation research, or a nationwide business looking to develop entire media and brand roadmaps, we are the experts to create and execute the strategic vision. Take a look at some of the clients that entrust their brands with us.

It’s the unique ideas that will set your business apart.

Brand Outcomes will bring together intelligent and innovative experts with limitless capabilities and resources to collaborate on your company’s development strategy. We don’t seek patterns and repetition; instead we create intelligent ideas specific to each client. Meet the leadership team behind the ideas.

Shelly Hendricks

Shelly is a leader who is highly driven to provide solutions. If there’s a need, she’ll dive in, figure it out, and develop a strategy to solve it, in both the short- and long-term. She’s big-picture thinker with an eye for details and has an innate sense about how things need to be. You can trust that whatever Shelly puts her mind to, it will get implemented at a high level.


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Chad Hendricks

Chad Hendricks is an entrepreneur at heart with a natural attraction to new ideas. Generating innovative ideas and seeing potential in concepts is his passion but his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a project come to life. From creating stronger workplaces to validating a new business venture, Chad thrives on variety and challenge.


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Jennifer McCue

Jen is a unique combination of marketing creativity, sales savvy and a technical sales operations nerd rolled into one hardcore driver and executor. Jen excels at taking a strategic vision, mapping out a plan and then executing timely and accurately. If you are in search of a leader that will keep everyone on point and bring a wealth of executive sales, operations, and marketing experience, then Jen’s the one for you.


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Tommy Clifford

Known as a national technology influencer, Tommy dives deep into the opportunities available with social media and tech. From running his popular blog, TommyLog, that covers trends, new products and life to his leadership at Brand Outcomes. Tommy spent over 25 years in the printing industry and directing prepress operations.


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Ben Sechler

Ben is an artist who uses ongoing inspiration in his design and his music. His artistic mind takes concepts and ideas and explores the different and unique ways to express and communicate it. Ben encompasses the best of both worlds, being highly creative and receptive to collaboration, making him a joy to work with.


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