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Don Dains Don Dains DocHauler Episode 21: Make Your Company More Profitable Using DocHauler

Don Dains is the President of DocHauler. He is also the Vice President of Technology and Operations Manager at V&S Midwest Carriers. He has been in the transportation industry for 25 years, and all of them have been with V&S Midwest Carriers.

Colin Ruskin Colin Ruskin DriverEngagement Episode 20: Engage with Drivers to Retain them Long-Term

Colin Ruskin is the CEO of DriverEngagement. Their platform opens new and innovative ways to communicate and improve driver relations, simplify and automate tasks, and it helps mitigate business risks.

Steve Rush Steve Rush Carbon Express Inc. Episode 19: Don’t Take Advantage of Your Drivers

In 1983, Steve Rush purchased his operating authority and started his company — Carbon Express. Steve goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of his drivers.

Marteika Howard Marteika Howard Walther Farms Episode 18: Offer Unique Benefits

Marteika Howard is a driver recruiter at Walther Farms.

Riley Banks Riley Banks V&S Midwest Carrier Episode 17: How to Have a Driver Turnover Rate of Under 30%

Riley is the Director of Marketing & Recruiting for V&S Midwest Carrier. Through passion, innovation, and collaboration, and by leading through influence, Riley drives logistic and transportation evolution.

Kelly Hatfield Kelly Hatfield Enginuity Advantage Episode 16: Speak to Your Candidate’s Heart

Kelly Hatfield is Co-Founder and President of Enginuity Advantage, Advantage Staffing Group, Enginuity Virtual Recruiter and hosts the Absolute Advantage podcast.

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