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Tom Knasel Tom Knasel Industrial Transport Services Episode 6: Find What You Can Change and Change It, with Tom Knasel

Tom Knasel is a Senior Recruiting Manager at Industrial Transport Services. He describes himself as a process improvement manager who just happens to be involved in truck recruiting.

Alfio Carroccetto Alfio Carroccetto The Omnia Group Episode 5: Using Behavioral Reports to Recruit and Retain Drivers, with Alfio Carroccetto

Alfio Carroccetto is a Senior Consultant at The Omnia Group, a behavioral assessment firm whose mission is to hire, develop, and retain top talent.

Brad Cebulski Brad Cebulski BConnected Episode 4: Social Media and Recruiting, with Brad Cebulski

Brad Cebulski is President of BConnected where he channels his passion for helping small businesses navigate the confusing social media landscape.

Chad Kopitzke Chad Kopitzke NeXtGen Advantage Episode 3: What You Need to Know About Millennials

Chad Kopitzke is the founder of NeXtGen Advantage. He is an Xer stuck between two of the largest generations in American history—Millennials on one side, Boomers on the other.

Curt Reitz Curt Reitz Contract Transport Services Episode 2: Put Your Drivers First

Curt Reitz is the President of CTS, a local, regional carrier in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As the son of a truck driver, he has been determined to prove that the trucking industry can change how it treats drivers and still be very successful.

Chad Hendricks Chad Hendricks Brand Outcomes, Inc. Episode 1: How to Get Drivers to Be Incredibly Loyal

Chad Hendricks is an entrepreneur at heart with a natural attraction to new ideas. Generating innovative ideas and seeing potential in concepts is his passion but his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a project come to life.

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