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Ellen Voie Ellen Voie Women in Trucking Association Episode 32: Women in the Trucking Industry

Ellen Voie entered the trucking industry inadvertently. When she stumbled upon the trucking industry, she hadn’t planned on making a career in transportation.

Travis Nelson Travis Nelson Xtreme Trucking Episode 31: Recruiting and Retaining the Best Drivers through Constant Feedback

Travis Nelson has followed his dream of building a trucking company based on Xtreme customer service and employee respect. From being a 22 year old owner/operator with one truck, Travis has built one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the area.

Leah Shaver Leah Shaver The National Transportation Institute Episode 30: Compensation and Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

Leah Shaver is the Chief Operating Officer for The National Transportation Institute, the truckload industry subject matter experts on company driver and owner operator compensation history, changes and benchmarks.

Julian Beron Julian Beron PGT Trucking Episode 29: Treating Drivers Like Customers, with Julian Beron

Julian Beron is the recruiting and retention manager for PGT Trucking. Founded in 1981, PGT has just shy of 1000 trucks across the United States and Julian helps make sure those trucks have the drivers they need.

Nick Williams Nick Williams Paul Transportation Episode 28: The ROI of Retention

Nick Williams is the Director of Recruiting at Paul Transportation. Nick has won multiple awards. In 2016, he got the Governor’s Commendation for Outstanding Hiring Practices. In 2017 and 2018 he was a finalist for National Recruiter of the Year.

Mike Ernst Mike Ernst Mercer Transportation Episode 27: The Benefits of a 100% Owner-Operated Fleet

Mike Ernst has been with Mercer Transportation for 12 years. Mercer is a 100% owner-operated fleet of roughly 2300 trucks.

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