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Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson Indeed Episode 44: The Job Market in the Transportation Industry Is Strong, Indeed

As one of the “recruitment evangelists” at the Indeed job search site, Jeff Johnson understands how the terabytes of data coming into online job search providers each day may seem overwhelming at first.

Jane Jazrawy Jane Jazrawy CarriersEdge Episode 43: Determining the Best Fleets to Drive For

Jane Jazrawy co-founded CarriersEdge in Canada in 2005. Three years later, this firm partnered with the Truckload Carriers Association to establish the Best Fleets to Drive For program that recognizes top firms in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Brian Howard Brian Howard Trillium Drivers Episode 42: Engaging with a Staffing Solutions Firm to Bring in the Best Talent

Brian Howard joined Trillium Drivers in 2007 and has served as Divisional Vice President since 2012. Since its establishment in 1984, Trillium has offered staffing solutions by proving properly trained and credentialed drivers for private truck fleets, logistics firms, and others in the transportation industry.

Sarah Wilkins Sarah Wilkins Skyline Transportation Inc. Episode 41: Bringing an Outside Perspective to the Transportation Industry

arah Wilkins joined Skyline Transportation Inc. in mid-2017, bringing nearly two decades of marketing and public relations experience to this firm headquartered in Knoxville, TN.

Shawn Murphy Shawn Murphy FreightRover Episode 40: Technology Solutions that Expand Options for Both Large Firms and Independent Contractors

Shawn Murphy serves as Director of Sales at FreightRover. This company provides technology solutions as part of the transportation management system (TMS) that moves products from their source to the appropriate destination.

Phil Jones Phil Jones Philmjones International Episode 39: Building Recruitment Efforts with Questions and Magic Words

Phil M. Jones brings a different approach through his sales message. A motivational speaker who has presented more than 2,000 times in 50 different countries, Phil explains that sales involves more than strategic planning.

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