Women Behind the Wheel: Best Practices for Welcoming More Female Drivers Into the Industry (3/20/2019) - Have you ever looked over on the road or at a truck stop and were surprised to notice a female driving a semitruck? Ellen Voie wants to change that reaction. The facts are, women make up approximately 47% percent of the U.S. workforce, and yet, within the trucking industry, they are vastly underrepresented, only making up about 6-7 percent of drivers and around 23 percent… ... Read More
One of the Family: Building a Culture of Respect and Support with Mike Coble (3/5/2019) - One of the Family: Building a Culture of Respect and Support with Mike Coble As listeners of our podcast know, we like to interview people who have a deep knowledge of the trucking industry at every level. One could say that Mike Coble, Vice President of Recruiting at Robert Heath Trucking truly started at the bottom—as a child, he played on the floor of his… ... Read More
One Size Does Not Fit All (1/2/2019) - One Size Does Not Fit All: The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace with Dr. Paul White In today’s employment landscape where there are more jobs requiring special skills than there are applicants to fill them, employee retention is the name of the game. The process of finding and hiring the right people can be frustrating and time-consuming, and only compounded when a well-qualified… ... Read More
Taking it From the Top: Shifting Towards a Low-Turnover Culture with Ray Haight (12/3/2018) - Taking it From the Top: Shifting Towards a Low-Turnover Culture with Ray Haight Ray Haight knows the trucking industry. The son of a driver, he spent the first 10 years of his working life as a driver himself, then gradually built a fleet of over 275 trucks from the original three left to him by his father. As Chief Operating Officer of a large carrier,… ... Read More
Top 4 Tips to Reduce New Hire Ghosting (11/4/2018) - Top 4 Tips to Reduce New Hire Ghosting We’ve all been in a position where we have gotten very close to a large purchase, then reconsidered and avoided the follow-up calls of the salesperson until they got the hint and stopped. Anyone in the online dating community is all too familiar with the phenomenon of a potential match suddenly going dark, never to be heard… ... Read More
Recapturing the Image of the Everyday Hero (10/1/2018) - Recapturing the Image of the Everyday Hero: Image Reform in the Trucking Industry with Elisabeth Barna Before the 1990s, the image of the American truck driver was strongly positive. Movies like Convoy starring Kris Kristofferson, Over the Top starring Sylvester Stallone, and Any Which Way but Loose starring Clint Eastwood all have truck drivers as protagonists— each of these characters working to fight injustice and… ... Read More
The Evolving Workplace (7/26/2018) - The Evolving Workplace: Millennials and Beyond with Chad Kopitzke It’s no secret that the trucking industry is facing a driver shortage of epic proportions. While the demand for driver talent continues to rise, Baby Boomers are nearing retirement and leaving the industry, and there is a dearth of new blood coming into the field. Part of the problem is that the culture in American education… ... Read More
Forging a New Path (7/26/2018) - Forging a New Path: How CTS’s Curt Reitz is Driving Toward a Positive Workplace Culture Curt Reitz knows trucking. His father was a driver, his uncles were drivers—his entire family was involved in different aspects of the trucking industry from repair to operations. After college, Curt returned to the trucking industry, working for large carriers in a variety of markets. Finally, in 2012, he became… ... Read More
Magic Words That Sell (7/26/2018) - “Magic Words That Sell:” The Do’s and Don’ts of Driver Recruitment Success with Phil Jones Does this scenario sound familiar to you? A driver candidate contacts you, the recruiter. He or she requests information on the current opportunities you have available, and you respond by answering their questions and sending them the job description. Then, all you get is crickets. The prospect disappears, and you… ... Read More