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Beth Potratz Drive My Way
Beth is an HR exec and entrepreneur, as well as being co-founder and CEO of Drive My Way, a truck driver recruiting platform that focuses completely on drivers and their needs, matching them with truck driver jobs that meet their qualifications and personal lifestyle preferences.
Henna Pryor Pryority Group
Henna Pryor is an executive coach, recruitment and sales trainer extraordinaire, and founder of the Pryority Group, does not necessarily have the inside scoop on recruitment in trucking, but what she does have is a unique take on recruitment, having spent over 14 years at K Force.
Chad Burmeister ScaleX.ai
Wondering how you can ramp up your truck driver recruitment? Have you considered using sales automation software? Chad Burmeister is founder and CEO of ScaleX.ai. And while his focus isn’t on the trucking industry, that doesn’t mean his software can’t help you recruit drivers.

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