Episode 15:  How to Recruit Drivers From a Foreign Country, with Aaron Bernard

Aaron Bernard is an immigration lawyer with The Bernard Firm, which he started in 2008. His law firm specializes in labor and brings in thousands of workers per year. There are 15 people at The Bernard Firm, they have US and Mexican lawyers, and they also own the recruiting company Grow Labor.

Aaron got his undergrad at BYU and his law degree from Notre Dame. He has seven children.

“If you have a seasonal need for drivers, you can apply to have drivers from Mexico come and fill that need with a work visa.”

– Aaron Bernard

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Aaron’s full-service immigration law firm does and why they focus on labor-related visas
  • The International CDL: what this is and how it allows drivers to come in from Mexico and drive for US-based truck companies
  • The different kinds of visas and what you need to know about the kind that trucking companies use
  • Why you can only use drivers from foreign countries on a seasonal basis
  • Proving that you need drivers from foreign countries in order to get visas
  • How pay for these drivers is mandated by the US government to protect US workers
  • Providing housing, transportation, and other necessities of life for foreign drivers
  • What you need to know about contracts with foreign drivers
  • Where these drivers can and can’t drive
  • Why you generally don’t have to worry about skill level with these drivers
  • The language barrier and directions issues: how to solve for these cultural barriers
  • Will the Trump administration impact these visas?
  • Why you don’t have to worry about foreign drivers committing crimes
  • The extra costs for recruiting and bringing these drivers to the US
  • Why you don’t need to bring in more than 2 or 3 of these drivers to make this a successful endeavor

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