Episode 86: Secrets Behind Job Boards, with Alex McKeown

Alex McKeown is the CEO of Fusion Recruiting Labs, helping recruiters and truckers find each other. Alex is an expert on creating high converting job board postings, and he shares his best practices in this episode. He touches on how to create a great job posting, why you need to be consistent in branding, and how you can use social media to attract drivers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The most shocking thing Alex realized about the trucking industry when he first entered the industry
  • How FATj handles job boards and the fact that postings perform differently by regions and markets
  • The importance of understanding how your direct competition is advertising to candidates
  • Best practices of a job posting for truckers, and what to include in each job posting
  • Examples of ways to differentiate yourself and stand out against the competition in job boards
  • A major problem in trucker recruiting, and how being transparent can help solve the problem
  • Tips for how to be creative in job postings while still reaching a lot of people in searches
  • Secrets behind search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to job board postings
  • Advantages of using a short form for applicants, and what you should ask from applicants in that form
  • How to maximize the efficiency of the recruitment process, and how AI and chat bots play a part in that
  • Using social media to recruit drivers, and how companies can be successful using Facebook and Instagram
  • Why it’s essential that branding is consistent on every touch point
  • The importance of communicating all advertising and job postings with recruiters
  • Ready To Recruit and Retrain Drivers?
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