Episode 103: Analyzing Trucking Data with Dean Croke

Recruit & Retain is thrilled to have someone on the show whose insights are based on actual trucking data. 

“ELD (electronic logging device) data stream has been arguably one of the most important things that has happened in this industry, not from a compliance safety perspective, but more from a data analytics perspective.”

Dean Croke is the Chief Insight Officer at FreightWaves, and he is brimming with a whole host of knowledge. Plus, he drove trucks and he’s owned his own trucking company. So who better to talk to than someone who’s driven trucks, who’s in the industry, who owns their own company and who understands trucking data?

In this episode, Chad talks to Dean about where carriers should be looking to make a difference for their drivers, making them unique in the market. They also discuss the importance of sleep – “sleep is the one thing that makes the most difference in terms of safety outcomes, because a driver can feel much better after just one night”, how sleep relates to higher retention rates and extra miles, as well as why carriers should ensure they’re working with a vendor that can take their ELD data and really dive into it, providing insights that other carriers don’t have.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why sleep and driver data are the top things carriers should be analysing
  • What a carrier can do to help a driver with their sleep
  • Why managers should be measuring quality, not quantity, of drivers’ sleep
  • The problems of sleep and night shifts on drivers’ ability to function long term
  • Teach drivers how to sleep and they run 10% more miles per truck, per week
  • The link between sleep and nutrition and health
  • The important data trucking firms should be looking at
  • Why a clean bill of health is enough to make drivers quit
  • You don’t need to be a large carrier to take advantage of data analytics
  • What carriers can do to counter the driver pay increases with lower freights

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