Episode 57:  Helping Truckers Live Healthier Lives, with Andrea Morley

Andrea Morley is the lead Nutritionist and Health Coach for Healthy Trucker. Andrea specializes in educating and encouraging truck drivers to make simple changes to their diet, exercise routines, and lifestyles to promote healthier living. Andrea talks with host Chad Hendricks about the high cost of unhealthy drivers, shares basic strategies that can add up to long-term health gains, and discusses why health training initiatives can be a great recruitment and retention tool for fleets.

“When people think of truckers, they typically think of men who are maybe a little bit older and unhealthy, maybe unhappy in their jobs. It’s definitely not a very attractive industry as far as recruitment.”

– Andrea Morley

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Andrea Morley got involved with Healthy Trucker and how Healthy Trucker works to improve the overall wellness of drivers
  • Why growing up with close family in the trucking industry gave Andrea a firsthand look into the trucking lifestyle and its health implications
  • What advice Andrea gives carriers on the importance of promoting healthier drivers to mitigate insurance claims and driver injury
  • Why a healthier driver is a safer, more alert driver who is less likely to be involved in an auto accident
  • How fleets can use health and wellness initiatives as part of an effective recruitment strategy
  • Why promoting a health training program can improve driver happiness and ultimately retention
  • Which key health issues are of greatest concern for drivers and why those health problems can create a severe impact on the industry
  • Which concerns and attitudes must be overcome to get drivers to pay more attention to their health, diet, and mental state
  • How Andrea works to educate and encourage drivers to make simple, healthy lifestyle changes
  • What options for ongoing motivational support are available to drivers who want to make positive health changes

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