Episode 61: ATA MC&E Conference Part 1: Culture and Retention Strategies

American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition (MCE) brings together trucking executives from across the country for the one can’t-miss event of the year that highlights economic, regulatory, and business trends focused on driving the success of fleets today and in the future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

Interviewing Lana Batts, co-President of Driver iQ:

  • What Lana believes are the biggest trends and common themes that are fueling today’s driver shortage
  • How the high cost of driver turnover is impacting the industry, and what steps are being taken to measure and improve turnover
  • Why hourly pay, guaranteed mileage and new technologies are helping to improve driver retention

Interviewing Jon Russell, Chief Operating Officer at Celadon Trucking:

  • What major cultural and operational changes Celadon has made to lower driver turnover from 280% to 100% in under two years
  • Why Jon believes transparency has been the key to reshaping company culture and addressing difficult challenges
  • How Celadon collects and manages driver feedback and works to address both individual and recurring issues on behalf of their drivers

Interviewing John Smith, Chairman of CRST International:

  • What steps the workforce development community is taking to address the widespread challenge of driver recruitment
  • Which priorities John has focused on in his position as chairman, and what steps are being taken to address those priorities
  • How John and his organization are working with the U.S. House of Representatives to craft new legislation to make driving more attractive to 18-year-olds

Additional resources:

Chad Hendrick’s Sales Training Workshop, January 16-17, 2019:

www.recruitersalestraining.com (Use promo code: DriverReach)

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