Episode 62: ATA MC&E Conference Part 2: Innovative Solutions for Recruiting and Retaining Drivers

American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition (MCE) brings together trucking executives from across the country for the one can’t-miss event of the year that highlights economic, regulatory, and business trends focused on driving the success of fleets today and in the future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

Interviewing Ellen Voie, President & CEO of the Women in Trucking Association:

  • Why Ellen developed Clare the Women in Trucking Doll to encourage an interest in the trucking industry and supply chain
  • How Women in Trucking has worked with Girl Scout troops to develop a trucking awareness curriculum
  • What goals Ellen has for the MC&E conference to develop and promote awareness and support for females in the trucking industry

Interviewing Kyle Hales, Vice President of Sales at EpicVue:

  • How EpicVue works with fleet companies to provide satellite TV as a fringe benefit to drivers
  • Why tangible ancillary benefits, like satellite TV, can help fleets improve their driver retention numbers
  • Why recruiters appreciate the extra incentive of in-vehicle satellite TV as a way to entice new drivers

Interviewing John Hausladen, President & CEO of the Minnesota Trucking Association:

  • Why workforce development is a hot topic for John’s organization, and why it’s crucial to develop a path for 18-year-olds
  • Which options are being developed to create a path for under-21 drivers, and why the current rules don’t work
  • Why the future of recruiting young people into the industry lies in gamification and other technology strategies

Interviewing John Whittington, VP of Government Affairs at Grammer Industries:

  • Why John believes strongly in the advocacy and services the ATA provides on behalf of the trucking industry
  • Which important information John has received from panels at the MC&E convention in regards to young drivers and safety
  • What John thinks about recent changes in the industry with regards to driver pay, hours of service and hazmat material regulations
  • Why John believes developing a culture of driver appreciation begins with leadership, and why doing so is critical

Additional resources:

  • Chad Hendrick’s Sales Training Workshop, January 16-17, 2019: www.recruitersalestraining.com (Use promo code: DriverReach)

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