Episode 77: Creating a Great Place to Work, with Ben Schill

Ben Schill is the Vice President of Paper Transport Inc. of Green Bay WI. Ben talks with host, Chad Hendricks about how his company’s growth has been centered on building a great place to work, how they managed to shift gears on their company culture when they hit “the wall”, and how everything from driver interactions to their learning modules are designed to recruit and keep great drivers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ben’s entire career has been focused on the transportation industry, and what brought him to Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI)
  • What niche PTI operates in, and what success they’ve found operating in a tight geographic region
  • How PTI’s growth strategy has involved developing a great place to work, and what success PTI has seen from this cultural focus
  • How Ben defines a “great place to work” and what steps PTI has been taking to foster that environment
  • Why the adjustments PTI has made to their recruiting process has helped them overcome the “wall” they hit in growth
  • Why PTI’s recruiters are salary-based, not commission, and how PTI encourages hiring drivers that fit the company culture
  • Why PTI has been improving driver pay, including pay increases of up to 15%, as an effort to remain competitive and properly compensate drivers
  • What other initiatives PTI is running to improve driver satisfaction and engagement and to improve the onboarding process
  • How PTI structures their learning management system modules to better engage drivers during the education process
  • Why the learning modules PTI uses are highly customized and branded to best match the company culture

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