Episode 7:  Effectively Communicating Changes to Compensation Plans, with Beth Carroll

Beth Carroll from Prosperio Group uses compensation to motivate and engage employees.

“It’s the central reason we even have an economy and yet compensation is taboo to talk about.”

– Beth Carroll

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The growing trend in driver pay that makes compensation confusing for drivers
  • Why some companies are using hourly pay to help cover detention, delay, and breakdown for drivers
  • How communicating new pay structures takes incredibly effective change management
  • Allowing drivers extra time to vent their frustrations: an important first step in communicating with them
  • One successful strategy in getting drivers to understand new compensation plans: the “phased communication” approach
  • The #1 worst way to communicate changes to compensation plans to drivers
  • How to use a “challenge team” to communicate controversial changes to drivers
  • Why companies use merit-based pay because they want more pay to go to top drivers to retain them
  • How technology and being able to track drivers helps compensate and retain good drivers
  • The importance of having everyone on a cross-functional teamwork through problems
  • Multiple methods for communicating new pay structure with drivers
  • An example of a trucking company that put raises in the hands of the drivers
  • Why if there’s a “no drivers beyond this point” sign, there may be a bigger problem than compensation
  • A book recommendation on intrinsic motivation: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink

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