Episode 38:  Redefining Accountability, with Brian Fielkow

Brian Fielkow, the President of Jetco Delivery, has grown his company six-fold by putting employees first. His engagement strategies are critically acclaimed and celebrated as culture-driving solutions. Rather than focusing on company culture theory, Brian prefers hands-on approaches for managers and executives alike.
He’s an expert on corporate culture, regularly contributing to Entrepreneur.com. Brian has also been featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and NPR. As a public speaker, much of Brian’s time is dedicated to informing his fans, business world gurus, and general audiences throughout his travels. Before owning Jetco, he skillfully managed over $700 million in operations.

“This isn’t about being perfect, right? It’s about being better than you were yesterday. And I’ve seen it in every aspect of the business. The more we invest in the culture, the more we empower our front lines, the less autocratic we are.”

– Brian Fielkow

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the foundation of Jetco Delivery spawned, focusing on the supreme business model of anticipating the customer’s every need
  • How Brian Fielkow has incorporated safety, employee continuity, and fleet operability as Jetco’s business’s cornerstones
  • Why leadership skills can, and should, be examined with a closer lens
  • How the “employee-first” mentality works, as well as Brian Fielkow’s support system for creating new prospects
  • The age-old “leader versus boss” problem and the impact of a positive company culture
  • How the challenges of competitive pay, transparency and work consistency, can be reworked to meet company goals
  • The importance of surpassing age-old industry cornerstones and placing a higher emphasis on purpose, rather than statistical results
  • Why younger workers enter the trucking industry expect safe, positive cultures
  • The importance of discussion and its importance in all industries—not just trucking
  • Why the gaps between organic and formal growth aren’t always clearly defined

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