Episode 42:  Engaging with a Staffing Solutions Firm to Bring in the Best Talent, with Brian Howard

Brian Howard joined Trillium Drivers in 2007 and has served as Divisional Vice President since 2012. Since its establishment in 1984, Trillium has offered staffing solutions by proving properly trained and credentialed drivers for private truck fleets, logistics firms, and others in the transportation industry. Howard explains how a firm such as Trillium can assist other companies with their staffing needs, including the screening and recruitment process that allows a casual driver or other talent to transition into an established position with a firm.

“The companies that do better at data gathering, data organization, data analysis are the ones that really succeed.”

– Brian Howard

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the recruitment process involves more than bringing in the drivers themselves, so we need to recruit the “recruiting talent” that builds relationships, leverages technology, and has the ability to bring in those drivers
  • How to use technology and maintain electronic communication with drivers in distant locations through text, email, Twitter, Facebook, the phone, and other methods to get them in front of a recruiter better, faster, and more quickly
  • Reasons that successful companies invest time and resources screening, testing, and assessing the effectiveness of their recruiters to determine if they have the skills to bring in the best talent possible
  • Why it is key for carriers to have and maintain great communication with their drivers, seek feedback from them regularly, and put in place a proactive driver retention plan since they have invested time and resources to recruit their talent
  • Reasons that the business model for a recruitment and staffing firm should create a culture where the driver becomes a customer’s employee over a period of time and helps to foster this transition
  • Why trucking firms must continuously do investigative work to make sure that the culture within the organization promotes retention
  • Why the best recruiters for the firm may not be people who have worked there for a long time with strong loyalty, but instead people who can market the vision of the firm and its culture in a way that best attracts the talent
  • The importance of using a driver staffing firm as an extra resource to assist with recruiting efforts

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