Episode 72: A Focus on Faith and Family, with Caleb Gee

Caleb Gee is a recruiter for Nussbaum. Caleb specializes in recruiting truck drivers. Caleb Gee talks with host Chad Hendricks to share how a faith-based, family-focused culture has been the cornerstone to maintaining strong relationships with drivers in this employee-owned business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Caleb transitioned from the construction industry to working for Nussbaum Transportation
  • How Nussbaum has shifted from family-owned to employee-owned, and how that benefits drivers and other employees
  • Why Nussbaum has experienced rapid growth in recent years, allowing them to dramatically expand their facilities
  • How Nussbaum is expanding their driver pool to around 400 drivers, and how they share their company culture with candidates
  • Why home time for drivers has been a crucial component to Nussbaum’s company culture and plans for growth
  • What process Nussbaum uses to solicit driver feedback and implement suggestions from drivers
  • How Nussbaum has achieved a 94% participation rate with their driver surveys
  • What built-in process allows Nussbaum to commit to making positive changes and follow through with that commitment

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