Episode 3: What You Need to Know About Millennials, with Chad Kopitzke

Chad Kopitzke is the founder of NeXtGen Advantage. He is an Xer stuck between two of the largest generations in American history—Millennials on one side, Boomers on the other. Through his background of managing internship programs on a university campus, he’s played third party between companies and students. He hears what business leaders need and what keeps them up at night., and he understands today’s college kids—how they think and what they value. Yet his own mentors have been C-level corporate Boomers, so he can also relate to how they operate and what they expect. All of this places Chad at a unique vantage point in modern business culture. He sees the problems and builds solutions. He knows how to help generations connect—rather than collide—for the sake of business growth.

“Employees don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ compensation package. What motivates a millennial is different from what motivates a Gen Xer.”

– Chad Kopitzke

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the trades can be attractive to millennials — if we do a better job of letting them know what the jobs are actually like in the modern day’
  • Incentive plans: why there isn’t a one package fits all plan when it comes to millennials
  • The hierarchy model vs the network model: how millennials are changing the way we interact and the way decisions are being made
  • How technology is going to help us navigate the gap in finding talent
  • Explaining the “why” of a job: something that must be done for millennial workers
  • How the employer-employee relationship is changing
  • The biggest complaints millennials have about our organization
  • Expectation meeting: why you need to lay out the expectation meeting so millennial employees understand their expectations
  • Why you need to give millennials feedback

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