Episode 105: Change Company Culture to Create a Point of Difference with John Waid

What do Southwest Airlines, Chick-fil-A and Trader Joes all have in common? They’ve all invested in their company culture and as a result they not only provide an outstanding service to their customers, they also run really great businesses.

“If you change the way you do things at your company, you will stand out, you’ll be different, you’ll be unique, and you won’t look like every other trucking company”. This is the advice today’s guest, John Waid, shares with listeners.

John knows what he’s talking about when it comes to company culture. He’s the founder and CEO of Corporate Culture Consulting, a company specializing in aligning an organization’s culture with its strategic goals. John is also an author, a speaker, a facilitator, and a thought leader in the area of corporate culture, and how it positively impacts people and companies.

John follows the Colin Powell method of knowledge when it comes to understanding company culture, and that is: “if it doesn’t fit on an index card it’s too complicated. If it’s too complicated, it won’t get executed. If it doesn’t get executed, then why are we here?”

So if you want to change your company culture then you need to implement three unique values at your company and use those three values to drive three functional areas: 

  1. Results
  2. Growth
  3. Aspiration

But deciding that you want to change the company culture is the easy part, the 2%, the hard part, the other 98%, is the doing part, and that’s what Chad and John discuss in this episode. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How company culture can set you apart from the other carriers
  • The benefits, both soft and hard, of investing in company culture
  • How to change your mindset
  • Why company culture is far reaching
  • How company values inspire growth
  • Training employees in company values
  • Company culture reduces risk

How to connect with John Waid:

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