Episode 13:  Should You Switch to Natural Gas Trucks? with Charlie Silio

Charlie Silio is the Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development, and Marketing at Agility Fuel Solutions, the leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. They make natural gas and hydrogen fuel storage and delivery systems, carbon fiber composite natural gas cylinders, and propane fuel systems and dispensers. Charlie leads growth strategy, M&A and partnership activities, global marketing, and internal business systems implementation.

“By running on natural gas, you can run your fleet with fewer emissions and at a cheaper cost.”

– Charlie Silio

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Agility Fuel Solutions makes it easier for trucks to run on cleaner fuels
  • The many benefits of clean fuels (including significant financial savings)
  • What kind of trucking companies CNG is best for and why some industries are slower to adapt than others
  • How Agility Fuel Solutions has adapted their system to meet driver feedback which helps trucking companies retain their drivers
  • How the safety concerns with CNG have and continue to be addressed so that CNG trucks are actually safer than diesel trucks
  • Why these CNG trucks provide a better experience for truck drivers so that they’re happier on and off the road
  • The changing technologies in trucks beyond fuel and when we will begin to see electric and driverless trucks
  • Why servicing these trucks if they break down is quick and painless

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