Episode 91: Collecting and Using Driver Feedback, with Max Farrell

Chad welcomes Max Farrell, the CEO of WorkHound, a company dedicated to helping people love the work they do. The company has focused on the trucking industry since 2015, providing a real-time feedback platform that is today working with more than 20,000 drivers. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to reduce avoidable turnover of quality drivers
  • The top 5 issues trending among drivers today
  • How the feedback gained through anonymous surveys compares to that of internal reviews and exit interviews
  • The types of issues that can cause drivers to leave
  • Using driver feedback to solve hidden individual and systemic issues facing drivers 
  • Using people data to make people decisions instead of relying on machine data or telematics
  • How addressing even minor issues shows drivers that the company is listening and trying to become better
  • Why the burden is on the company and its leadership to act on the feedback they receive
  • The power of good relationships and empathy in driver retention 

How to connect with max farrell:

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