Episode 2: Put Your Drivers First, with Curt Reitz

Curt Reitz is the President of CTS, a local, regional carrier in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As the son of a truck driver, he has been determined to prove that the trucking industry can change how it treats drivers and still be very successful. Curt is a passionate person and doesn’t hold back from very candid conversation. He is showing what it means to put drivers first.

“If you allow your customers to dictate the lifestyle of your drivers, can you really say that your company puts drivers first?”

– Curt Reitz

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Curt’s lifelong background in the trucking industry and how he became the President of CTS
  • Running your business so that your drivers are always put first
  • Why you should get rid of customers that treat your drivers badly
  • Benefits to give your drivers like paying them based on performance
  • Protecting your drivers during economic downturns
  • Giving your drivers a reason to be proud of your company through charitable donations
  • How to build up referrals from drivers inside your organization
  • The biggest changes Curt made when taking over CTS — and the impacts those changes have had
  • Why CTS is converting to Compressed Natural Gas instead of Diesel

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