Episode 21:  Make Your Company More Profitable Using DocHauler, with Don Dains

Don Dains is the President of DocHauler. He is also the Vice President of Technology and Operations Manager at V&S Midwest Carriers. He has been in the transportation industry for 25 years, and all of them have been with V&S Midwest Carriers. He started as an over the road driver and worked his way through many of the operation roles to his position today as part of the management team.
The work he has done in all the different positions is the reason he is so effective today. Don understands the processes and challenges of the people he works for and he often fills in for those positions still today to stay connected.

“Technology needs to work for drivers. When you have technology that works against you, it’s frustrating.”

– Don Dains

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The direct relationship between efficiency and driver retention
  • DocHauler: the system for improving the way documents get moved around
  • How DocHauler save truckers time and miles on the road
  • Why trucking companies that use the system have improved cash flow
  • How the paperwork process is improved on the back end when using this system
  • Some of the pitfalls of previous document delivery software and how DocHauler takes those issues away
  • DocHauler’s image capture software and how it improves drivers lives in so many ways
  • How DocHauler provides all the delivery information a driver could need right on their phone so they don’t have to constantly go back to their trucks for paperwork
  • The changes DocHauler has gone under so that it doesn’t just help drivers but also helps clients get the information they need
  • DocHauler’s video feature that allows trucking companies to provide drivers with news and training — and how this allows drivers to feel more connected when they’re out on the road
  • Why DocHauler is still a great solution for trucking companies without an IT staff
  • Why technology needs to work for the end user before anything else

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