Episode 52:  Modern Trucking and How to Maintain Support at a Tough Job, with Douglas Schappert

Doug Schappert is co-founder and president of Partners in Change, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps out families of workers in the transportation industry. Schappert is active in the trucking industry himself and has a many interesting perspectives on mentorship in a complex industry, encouraging coworkers, and creating stability when your job is anything but stable – things that all entrepreneurs can relate to!

“If your company has a good policy – and even when they don’t – see what you can do about bringing your spouse or your children out on the road, letting them see what everyday life is like. You have to let them really get a of on experience what you go through on a daily basis.”

– Douglas Schappert

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How mentorship programs in the trucking industry can help link a large influx of new recruits with more experienced drivers to the benefit of the whole business – and the trucking industry as a whole
  • Why employment is about more than technical skills – and how Partners in Change recognizes that
  • The ways that technology is changing long-distance jobs like trucking, especially when it comes to communicating with families
  • How creativity and personal connections can help make even particularly monotonous jobs easier to handle
  • Why people in industries like trucking can’t just be a statistic – especially when it comes to safety and feeling like your employer is actually watching out for you
  • New technical improvements in trucking and how these programs are making trucking safer, easier, and more productive
  • How Partners in Change also works to educate the families of new drivers and what they can expect for the first years, along with opportunities for family members to find other support options
  • The application process for Partners in Change and how nonprofits use these application processes to help choose the best candidates for their programs
  • Handy, practical tips about safe driving with larger trucks around
  • How to reach Partners in Change for more information

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