Episode 95: Driver Recruiter Services and Training, with Josh Hicks

Chad welcomes Josh Hicks, founder of Simba 7 Companies and author of How to Build an Amazing Career as a Truck Driver Recruiter, to share his knowledge and discuss what he’s doing in the industry. Josh’s agency has built a service program for recruiting drivers and a recruiter training program from the ground up. Josh and Chad discuss recruiter training, tips on using social media to connect with potential drivers, and driver retention strategies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Josh’s unconventional entry into recruiting for the transportation industry 
  • Why and how to train driver recruiters
  • Why successful driver recruiters need both sales and customer service skills
  • What driver recruiters can learn from a formal recruiter training program
  • The importance of a recruiter building relationships with prospective drivers
  • How to generate leads on potential drivers
  • How to generate useful, timely feedback from drivers
  • How to use driver feedback to enable proactive driver retention efforts 
  • How to use social media to add value for drivers beyond simply posting job offers

How to connect with Josh Hicks:

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