Episode 93: Driver Recruiting and Retention in a Niche Market, with Anna Ulmer

Chad welcomes Anna Ulmer, Recruitment and Retention Specialist at Miller Transfer, to discuss the recruiting and retention process for independent contractors and company drivers in her company’s niche of complex hauls for industry, including over-dimensional and heavy-haul freight. Anna talks about the recruitment and training of new drivers and the benefits the company offers, despite its small size, that allow them to maintain a turnover rate of just 4-5% and hang onto their best drivers and employees for the long term.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to use listening as a tool during the driver recruitment process
  • What recruiters in a niche market look for in company drivers
  • The importance of follow-up after surveys or interviews
  • Encouraging new drivers to establish relationships with terminal managers
  • How interacting with new drivers during their first 90 days keeps them engaged
  • How to use texting and social media to engage with drivers—and not just younger drivers 
  • How Miller Transfer manages to maintain a 4-5% turnover rate among company drivers 
  • Why the company offers generous benefits to its drivers, despite its small size 
  • Using social and recruiting platforms to find drivers online
  • Common pain points among drivers in the industry

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