Episode 132: Gone But Not Forgotten: The Value of a Rehire

Do you say goodbye to your drivers as they leave and let the door shut behind them? Or do you say, ‘I’ll see you soon’, and hold the door open for them, should they want to walk through it again? 

James Sinclair, Chief Executive of Enterprise Alumni believes one of the best things you could do for your recruitment and retention efforts is to stay engaged with former drivers of your company. And that just isn’t something that happens in trucking. But it should. 

“The way I think about it is companies spend quite a lot of money trying to find candidates, recruit candidates and try to get people into their pipeline. They spend even more money training, compliance, safety, doing the job, all of those things, and then they leave and it’s like, ‘Well, good luck with your life’. And that’s the end of the conversation.”

So what if instead of spending money on truckers and then letting them take their skills elsewhere, you let them know they’re welcome back anytime. Just think what that would do to your reputation as an employer! 

“By letting them walk out the door you’re walking out with a missed opportunity. They may come back into a management position. They may have a referral. They may be customers. There’s so many scenarios with just maintaining, even at the most basic level, the relationship with these people is of great value not only for them but also for the organization.”

Don’t miss this fascinating episode to see what you could implement at your carrier. 


  • Engaging post-employment employees
  • The value of a rehire
  • Why invest in ex-employees
  • Take the credit for successful former employees
  • Leaving is inevitable so make it positive
  • How to build a career roadmap as a truck driver
  • Reward employee innovation


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