Episode 80: Project Management and Communication, with Grant Hall

Grant is a Project Manager for Lawrence Companies. Grant joins the Recruit and Retain: Trucking Edition podcast to share the initiatives the company is running to improve communication and trust and to create a culture of driver advocacy.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Grant found his way into his current role through a background in sales and factory operations
  • Why Grant has found himself enjoying learning YouTube and the ways drivers can interact with the platform
  • Why Lawrence Companies believes in integrating their operations and recruiting teams to work together towards strategies and planning
  • What driver communication efforts Lawrence makes to create a culture of driver advocacy and openness
  • Why Lawrence created a “driver lounge” on Facebook that only their drivers can have access to
  • Why Lawrence went to one main phone number and extension for dispatch to avoid having overflow and tied up extensions, reducing missed calls by more than half
  • How Lawrence’s mentor group has been set up to help with onboarding and communication, and why everyone at Lawrence has obtained their CDLs
  • What valuable lessons Grant and his team have learned through the process of getting their CDLs
  • How Grant is the first Project Manager in Lawrence history, and how his role involves finding and implementing process improvements and initiatives
  • How Grant has been able to get drivers onboard with the idea of using video event recorders to prove what happened during incidents

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