Episode 89: Health and Wellness for Drivers, with Bob Perry

Chad welcomes Bob Perry president and founder of Health and Nutrition, whose program provides CDL meal delivery plans and coaching programs for truck drivers.

Bob’s father drove for 50 years and retired with the “professional truck driver health care package” of high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep deprivation. Bob has spent his life and career in health and wellness trying to make a difference in this underserved market.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Use your existing budget for orientation meals to help your drivers
  • How to use preventative care to avoid losing drivers due to failing medical exams
  • The connection between safety and the health and wellness of our drivers
  • Why keeping current drivers healthy is more cost effective than hiring new ones
  • How to make wellness programs more effective and drive a higher adoption rate
  • Adding nutritional education as part of a holistic training program for drivers
  • How asking drivers to make small nutritional changes can show them real health results
  • How accessibility to healthy choices is key for truckers on the road
  • Top 10 nutritional and exercise tips for drivers
  • How to use wellness success stories to change the health image of the industry

How to connect with Bob Perry:

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