Episode 159: Helping Drivers With St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

As a carrier do you walk the walk, as well as talk the talk, when it comes to how much you care about your drivers? The people who are the most important cargo of the whole load? 

What do you do when your drivers get sick, ill or can’t drive?

“They might only be off the road for a month or two. But you know, we know when their wheels are not turning, they’re not earning any money.”

Of course there are carriers out there that care a ton about their drivers, that go that extra mile to ensure that when they fall on hard times, the carrier has their back. But we also know there are carriers out there that only care about the miles the driver runs. 

So, if you want to distinguish your carrier from the rest, here’s one way you can really show you care about your drivers – by being there when they need you most. 

But what if you’re a trucker and you fall on hard times and your carrier doesn’t have the capacity to help you out? Who can you turn to for support? St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, that’s who. 

“Most of our money has come from drivers themselves, or individuals that are supporting initiatives that we have.”

Don’t miss this latest episode with Shannon Currier, Director of Philanthropy and Development at the Truckers Relief Fund. From why they started, to how they assess drivers, why they pay the bills directly, to the measures they’ve taken to get drivers to be proactive about their health. 

If you haven’t heard of the Truckers Relief Fund, prepare to be blown away by the incredible work this small team does to support over-the-road/regional semi-truck drivers and their families when an illness or injury, occurring within the last year, has caused them to be out of work.  


  • Genesis of Truckers Relief Fund
  • The in-depth process to assess drivers
  • Encouraging drivers to be proactive with their health
  • Rigs without cigs
  • How to donate
  • Why carriers should get involved


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