Episode 164: How Cloud Peak Law Can Help You Recruit & Retain Drivers

One of the things that we’ve started to bring onto the show is ideas about how a trucking company might control their costs. You might wonder what controlling costs has to do with the recruitment and retention of drivers. But hear us out. 

Anything, and we mean anything, you can do to save money elsewhere, to plough into the recruitment and retention of drivers, is going to benefit your carrier. 

Drivers cost money, and in order to recruit and retain the best drivers, you need to allocate resources to it. But rather than find additional money, it makes sense to redistribute money that you’re needlessly spending elsewhere. 

In a previous episode, we discussed how you could switch up your insurance coverage to save money. In today’s episode we’re joined by experienced attorney Mark Pierce of Cloud Peak Law, who shares how restructuring your carrier could help free up much needed resources. 

From separating out entities to improve your margins, to why you might want to split your assets to reduce insurance liabilities, to how Cloud Peak Law can restructure your business at about 20-25% of the cost of what other attorneys might charge. Don’t miss this insightful episode. 


  • The issue of under insurance
  • Splitting assets to reduce insurance liabilities
  • The benefits of having a mentor
  • Get a third party to do your payroll
  • Choose a corporate structure that fits you
  • How Cloud Peak can save you money


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