Episode 129: How SenseHQ Can Help The Trucking Industry Recruit & Retain Drivers

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition when it comes to driver recruitment?

If you’re keen to recruit, retain and redeploy the top talent, you need robust communication and analytics tools to help you achieve your goal.

Joining Chad in this special episode of Recruit and Retain is Alexandra Kane, Head of Marketing at SenseHQ, the smart talent engagement and communication platform built for staffing.

Now, you might be wondering why Chad is talking to someone who’s built a tool for staffing, a fully automated system of engagement, but the answer is simple – because no matter your industry, trucking or otherwise, this tool and the insights that Alexandra shares are pertinent whether you’re a for hire carrier or a private carrier.

If you want to have a point of difference, taking what works in ancillary industries and learning from it will set you apart from the other trucking companies also looking to attract the top talent, or recruit new drivers.

“Digital transformation happened for everybody in March of 2020, whether you were ready for it or not. And so I think technology is gonna play a really key role here… How you’re able to embrace that technology, how quickly, is going to really indicate who’s going to be the winners and losers.”


  • What Sense does and how it can help with staffing
  • The changing nature of the labor market
  • Candidate experience is still king
  • Embrace omni-channel communication
  • How to create valuable content for your audience


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  • Twitter – @Sense_HQ
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