Episode 153: How To Achieve A Driver Turnover Rate Of 3%

Do you work for the best transportation company in the world? 

Today’s guest, Laura Duryea, believes she does. Laura is the Recruiting and Retention Manager for Boyle Transportation. Having spent time in the driver’s seat herself, she knows how the industry works from both sides. 

Today, Laura shares her thoughts on why Boyle Transportation is the best transportation company in the world, and what they’re doing differently in terms of recruitment and retention of drivers. 

They hire drivers teams only, which makes their recruitment efforts that little more challenging, not to mention the type of freight they haul and the customers they haul it for, which adds another layer of complication to their driver recruitment difficulties. 

“So we haul pharmaceutical goods and goods for the military exclusively. Because of that, we have higher requirements of our professional drivers to include hazmat and tanker endorsements.”

OK, you might think, why would that make it difficult to recruit drivers?

“So then we have a second phase where [drivers] actually have to apply for a clearance with the Department of Defence. So that is a very extensive application process. And I lose a lot of candidates in that process.”

It’s always interesting to learn how other trucking companies are handling recruitment and retention, particularly now, in the midst of a pandemic. So don’t miss this special edition where we learn what turnover looks like in this really niche carrier, and how Laura recruits drivers for the long haul.


  • What turnover looks like in Boyle Transportation
  • How to become a driver recruiter
  • Driver compensation 
  • Driver advisory committee
  • How they retain drivers
  • Team driving
  • Keeping in touch with drivers


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