Episode 160: How To Be A Better Recruiter & Work Remotely

Welcome to another episode of Recruit & Retain Trucking Edition. Chad loves to talk to carriers, to find out what they’re doing to help boost driver retention and attract new drivers onboard. 

In today’s episode he’s chatting to Yajaira Martin, a remote recruiter for Unlimited Carrier, a carrier that operates nationwide. 

Recruiters are on the front line in trucking, they understand exactly what’s going on in the industry. They’re hearing what drivers are saying. But more importantly, Chad is really interested in their background, their history, how did they get into the industry? What was their training? What are they finding success with? And he wants to share that knowledge with other recruiters in other carriers to improve the industry for everyone. 

Yajaira’s experience of becoming a driver recruiter is all too common in the industry – she had no trucking experience prior to becoming a recruiter instead of being given specific training, she learned on the job sitting side by side with somebody, picking up their information. 

“I think that’s how a lot of carriers train, right, sit next to this person, listen to them, then do what they did. There’s flaws with that kind of training.”

From getting into driver recruiting with no background in trucking, to receiving dedicated recruiter training, learning the best practices for driver retention, and how to recruit remotely, download and listen to this latest episode today. 

“Together with Kelly, a driver retention solution, they helped us immensely with hiring drivers, a day to day kind of thing and how to keep our drivers and [how to] work within ourselves and individually.”


  • Hiring driver retention solution specialists  
  • The math piece of driver recruiting
  • The driver recruiting spreadsheet
  • The driver needs and wants
  • The closing technique
  • Being a remote recruiter


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