Episode 134: How To Easily Increase Fuel Efficiency and Driver Behavior

MPG is not an accurate measure of driver performance, but that won’t come as a huge surprise to you. Lots of different factors influence a truck’s MPG – load, tractor type and equipment, environmental variables, even route and terrain. 

So here to tell you how to easily increase fuel efficiency and improve driver behavior is Ethan Sweeney, Director of Customer Success at Vnomics. 

Vnomics’ True Fuel® has been shown to reduce a carrier’s fuel spend by between 3-10%. Who wouldn’t want that?

True Fuel® is an application that integrates with your existing cab telematics system, automatically capturing data about driver behavior, before carrying out real time, in cab coaching to affect change in driver behavior. 

What started out as a partnership between the Rochester Institute of Technology and the United States Marine Corps a little over 10 years ago now, is now a fully commercial simple piece of technology that can increase fuel efficiency through real time, in cab coaching of drivers. 

To find out how this technology also positively impacts retention and recruitment of drivers too, download and listen to this latest episode. 


  • Why Vnomics created True Fuel®
  • The value their SaaS will bring to your carrier
  • Why measuring MPG isn’t a fair driver assessment 
  • What the driver experience of True Fuel® is like
  • How True Fuel® integrates with existing telematics solutions
  • Incentivizing drivers to use True Fuel®


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