Episode 166: How To Improve Driver Retention With Milan

Driver retention is tough, everyone is talking about it. Of course, recruitment is tough too – how do you get leads coming in? How do you get drivers on the phone? But it’s retention that’s the big topic of conversation – once you’ve got drivers, how do you make them stay?

Rachel Lovell is Vice President of People Operations at Milan Supply Chain Solutions. She started with them 15 years ago, with no driver’s licence, straight out of high school, and worked her way up through the ranks to where she is now, handling recruitment and HR.

“I’m like the Milan cheerleader, I love the company, I bleed blue is what I tell people because that’s one of our main colours. I want everybody’s experience to be like mine, I want this to be a hire to retire company.”

But the biggest challenge she’s up against is retention.

“Retention is so important because we need to retain them not just in our own company, we need to retain them in the industry. That’s why it’s an industry wide effort and why you hear it happen so much.”

From the messaging from leadership, to adding to their driver experience team, to utilizing the data from Workhound, to the biggest feedback they’ve received, don’t miss this latest episode of Recruit and Retain with Rachel, and learn what Milan have done to operationalize retention.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Milan is a hire to retire company
  • The biggest changes in driver retention
  • Becoming driver obsessed
  • Utilizing Workhound
  • Why communication is key to retention
  • Driver retention manager

How to connect with Rachel Lovell:

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