Episode 151: How To Improve Your Digital Communications with Henna Pryor

Welcome to Recruit and Retain Trucking Edition, 2021. Today we’re going outside of the industry once again, but not too far outside of the industry. 

Henna Pryor, executive coach, recruitment and sales trainer extraordinaire and founder of the Pryority Group, does not necessarily have the inside scoop on recruitment in trucking, but what she does have is a unique take on recruitment, having spent over 14 years at K Force. 

“I don’t have experience specifically in trucking. But I’ll tell you that staffing and recruiting and sales speak a universal language.”

So what makes Henna good at what she does? 

“One of the things that made me successful in my 14 year run at the firm was the fact that I recognized pretty early on that connecting with human beings takes a certain shape and form no matter what industry they’re in.”

From how to get prospects’ attention, to what to lead with in your subject lines, to how to keep a potential new driver’s attention, don’t miss this latest episode with Henna. 

Because if you’re struggling to get drivers to pick up the phone, Henna has strategies and tips you can implement to reach them through digital communications. 


  • Staffing, recruiting and sales speak a universal language
  • Volume play doesn’t work anymore
  • The art and science of capturing attention
  • You drivers are your strongest salespeople
  • How to write when you’re not a great writer
  • Benefits versus features


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