Episode 110: How to Maintain a 10% Driver Turnover Rate (in a large trucking company) with Sam Thudium

Want to know the secret to maintaining a 10% driver turnover rate while running a large trucking company? This week’s guest on Recruit and Retain is Sam Thudium, and he reveals how Sutton Trucking has a 10% driver turnover rate despite the company running over 100 trucks. 

The key to Sutton’s success? A small town company culture, great leadership, constant telephone communications and guaranteed weekends off. 

But Sam hasn’t always been a recruiter, in fact he came into recruitment via sales, starting his career in the trucking industry back in 2012 with MHC Kenworth. Sutton Trucking were his first big customer and he knew, from the minute he met them, that he wanted to work for Sutton. 

“I guess part of it is they’re just my kind of people. They’re small town people and they give off that small town vibe. I’m from a small town as well and I could really relate to that. And the way that they treated me whenever I was there, a salesperson, you know, it was amazing. It wasn’t something I was used to. They treated me like I was part of their company. And I saw the way that they treated their employees and the way that they treated their drivers and they make everybody feel like they’re part of the family. And I just really wanted to be a part of that.”

It took 7 years for Sutton to come knocking, and when they did in March 2019, Sam accepted his current position as their Director of Recruiting and Retention. 


  • How Sam became Director of Recruiting and Retention at Sutton Trucking 
  • How Sutton ensures all drivers are at home every weekend
  • The low turnover rate for Sutton
  • How Sam has found sales a common ground for his relationship with drivers 
  • How the Sutton workplace culture differs from most trucking companies
  • The biggest surprise for Sam coming into the recruitment side of the industry
  • Sutton’s marketing techniques for recruiting new drivers


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