Episode 155: How To Maintain A 95.7% Driver Retention Rate

How can you maintain a referral rate of 90% and a retention rate 95.7%? 

Don’t miss Jessica Kapasky, the Recruitment and Retention Guru at Skelton Truck Lines, a pharmaceutical haulage carrier operating trucking teams (pharmaceutical logistic technicians) out of Canada and the US, on this week’s episode.

But first, how does one become a Recruitment and Retention Guru?

“I am third generation in trucking. My grandparents were executives behind the wheel. My mother’s a really well known recruiter in the industry. My dad was a driver. My brother’s a driver. So I guess you can say I was born into it.”

Not only does Jessica have trucking in her blood, she’s also obsessed with trying to become an industry expert, taking time to get educated, spending years researching ways to better herself as a recruiter. She’s learned what it takes to recruit on the more corporate side of things, as well as learning how to connect with candidates and making sure she can find them the best fit based on what they’re looking for right now, whether that’s their lifestyle, pay package, or the lanes they want to run.

One of the best pieces of advice Jessica’s father passed onto her was:

“Make sure you’re hiring for the right fit. I think that’s the biggest thing he branded into me. And what I have carried is the importance of hiring drivers that fit your mould versus the other way around.”

You want quality over quantity.

So to find out how to hire for the right fit, why snail mail marketing will set you apart from other carriers, how Skelton maintains a referral rate of 90% and a retention rate of 95.7% and what their pay and benefits package looks like, download and listen to this latest episode. 


  • Why trucking is in her blood
  • The importance of snail mail
  • Maintaining a 90% referral rate
  • Maintaining a 95.7% retention rate
  • Pharmaceutical logistic technicians, not drivers
  • Skelton pay and benefits


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