Episode 126: How To Think Strategically About Your Carrier’s Future

If you’re wondering how to rebuild your business in the aftermath of COVID-19, you’re not alone. One of the issues that repeatedly gets raised involves sales and leadership; in particular, how to increase sales right now.

“My clients are owners of small to mid-sized businesses and very often what I hear from them is, ‘I live on an island, there’s no one who does what I do’. And ‘I’m in this by myself’. It’s a very lonely place to be, a tough place to be now more than ever. They fear for their own businesses. There’s a lot of pressure.”

Today’s guest, Amy Bingham, is an experienced recruiting and staffing industry consultant with over 27 years in the business. She’s a trainer, speaker and coach who is passionate about growing her clients’ businesses. In this episode she imparts a lot of actionable advice which is easily translatable into all areas of a business.

You may not be ready to think about recruiting or growing your company just yet, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re thinking strategically about the future, from a leadership and sales perspective, not just putting out the fires of today. Simply staying in touch with prospective clients is key right now.

“The most important thing right now is to stay in front, be visible and relevant for your client, stay in front of prospects. You’re going to do that in a variety of ways and be of service. There’s nothing self-serving about your sales efforts right now. It’s all about the customer and not about us until we acquire our first job order, at which point we have to prove ourselves.”


  • The major concerns that leaders are facing right now
  • How to stay in front of a prospect
  • A touch plan to stay in touch
  • The management side of salespeople
  • How to lead through a crisis


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