Episode 165: How To Use Predictive Success To Improve Driver Recruitment & Retention with Rob Friday

If you want to know how to always hire great drivers, not just any drivers, but the ones who are going to be the right fit for your culture and organization, who’ll do their job well and love working for your carrier, then don’t miss Rob Friday on this week’s episode of Recruit and Retain. 

“One of the neat things about the Predictive Index is that you can layer this into your org chart and understand all the different positions within the company. And then you start to know how to hire the right person for the role, how to groom future leaders for future roles, create those succession paths, and identify different individuals.”

Rob is Managing Principal at Predictive Success, an official partner of Predictive Index, and author of Talent Optimizer: Why Some Companies Always Get Great People, making him ideally placed to help you hire the best drivers.

“Really what we do is help companies understand and unlock the true potential of their people through analytics.”

From the genesis of the Predictive Index in the 1950s, to how it can help you identify the right drivers for your carrier, to how it can save you money and improve the safety aspect of your business, to how it benefits at both the individual and team level, download and listen today.


  • Genesis of the Predictive Index
  • How pre-employment assessments can help you hire better drivers
  • Saving money and improving the safety aspect
  • Operationalizing PI into your organization
  • How PI can improve your teams


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