Episode 163: Improving Retention Through Remote Driver Testimonials & Feedback

If you’re wondering how you can gather driver feedback and driver testimonials to improve your driver recruitment and retention, even when your drivers are remote. Mark Wayner from Wayfind Creative has come up with an incredible solution – he helps skilled trades attract best-fit candidates with remote employee video testimonials.

While cutting his teeth working as a video producer for an HR organization, Mark interviewed a ton of drivers to understand why they liked working for their company and what their companies were doing for them to help keep them safe. 

“I was starting to understand the pain in trucking in terms of, they’re really struggling to attract and retain truck drivers. [I thought] How can I provide a service that does this 100% remotely?”

And so Wayfind Creative was born. 

From cost effectively getting driver testimonials, to the benefits of why you might use driver videos to help you recruit, to how driver feedback (both positive and negative) can help increase driver retention, to how Wayfind Creative works. Mark is incredibly candid about helping carriers recruit and retain through driver feedback, straight from their cell phones. 

“Everyone has a cell phone, don’t blame a lack of initiative or lack of a video person or we don’t have the equipment or we don’t have good ideas. It’s all right there in front of you. It’s just a matter of can you pull it all together and make it happen.”


  • The genesis of Wayfind Creative
  • The difficulty of getting remote driver testimonials
  • The benefits of video driver feedback
  • How Wayfind Creative works
  • How to use driver feedback for recruiting


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