Episode 76: Social Media and Trucking, with Jaclyn Barker

Jaclyn Barker is the social media manager and a driver recruiter for CHASER LLC. Jaclyn talks with host, Chad Hendricks about her perspective of recruiting for a smaller carrier, including the advantages she can offer drivers and the disadvantages a smaller carrier has trouble competing with their large competitors over.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jaclyn got involved in the trucking industry immediately after attaining her Bachelor’s degree in communications and media
  • What steps Jaclyn has taken in her role to acquaint herself with the trucking industry
  • What observations Jaclyn has made about drivers, their wants, and the relationships she has been able to develop
  • What platforms Jaclyn uses for her outreach, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Why Jaclyn tailors her posts based on the platform she is posting to, and how she handles Twitter
  • How Jaclyn uses social media to form good working relationships with other trucking companies and develop a friendly reputation for CHASER
  • What process Jaclyn uses to develop the content she posts, and how she uses a content calendar to manage her postings
  • What driver engagement methods Jaclyn uses to get her drivers involved in the outreach programs
  • What advantages a smaller carrier offers drivers, and why the biggest struggle to compete with big carriers is in driver pay

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