Episode 51:  Best Practices for Training New Truck Drivers, with Jane Jazrawy

Jane Jazrawy is the CEO of CarriersEdge, a provider of online driver training for the trucking industry. CarriersEdge makes it easier for new recruits in the trucking industry to learn about safety, compliance, reporting, and trucking management at a distance. She will be talking about training in the trucking industry and how adult learning can have an impact on more traditional jobs – even in ways that you may not expect.

“You’re never really going to learn how to secure cargo or whatever – whatever thing you have to do with the truck – unless people actually get to go and practice it.”

– Jane Jazrawy

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The difficulties that the trucking industry currently has with training new workers
  • How the different learning styles – auditory, tactile, and visual – can impact how students (including adult students) learn and what difficulties they may experience
  • How traditional teaching methods can struggle to effectively help new recruits really learn the important skills that they need
  • Specific, innovative ways that you can put tactile or kinesthetic learning into an online platform
  • How online education should be backed up by practical demonstrations, especially in an industry like trucking where hands-on activities are so important
  • Why training is such an important part of the recruitment process and for how employees relate to their new company for the rest of their time there
  • Examples of hands-on tutorials that are particularly beneficial to new truckers who need to practice specific skills and understand the areas where they need help
  • Why starting off with basic definitions can actually be an ineffective practice that confuses recruits who need to understand how things work within a system
  • Why training must always take into account how recruits are often afraid to admit they don’t understand something, especially in a group setting
  • The state of test questions in training, their limitations, and how their format can help enable better learning
  • How a learning management system can offer materials in a variety of languages with useful automatic scheduling that ensures truckers are getting the education they need

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