Episode 63: Standing Out From the Competition, with Jason Crowell

Jason started as a recruiter in manufacturing in 1994 where he staffed in Accounting, IT, sales and marketing, and Engineering, but found a niche in Operations & Supply Chain organizational development. He’s been Recruiting in CDL trucking 7 years and has been working since 2015 on Brady Trucking’s brand strategy, internal and external communications.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jason’s career background, including 25 years in high-volume recruitment in the general recruiting industry
  • Why it’s important to differentiate yourself from others in a highly competitive industry
  • How Jason’s company, Brady Trucking Inc., is currently doing in the areas of recruiting and retention
  • Why Brady Trucking offers as many creature comforts as possible, and how it aids in recruitment
  • What process Jason and his team follow in getting their message out and improving their recruitment process
  • How the use of video and targeted distribution have been powerful recruitment tools that have helped Jason with recruitment
  • How employee-generated content has helped motivate driver engagement with the company
  • Why Jason and his team work to engage not only drivers, but their families as well
  • What efforts Brady Trucking takes to work with the community and build positive public relations
  • Why Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ERE) has been one of Jason’s most useful resources for recruitment

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