Episode 44:  The Job Market in the Transportation Industry Is Strong, Indeed, with Jeff Johnson

As one of the “recruitment evangelists” at the Indeed job search site, Jeff Johnson understands how the terabytes of data coming into online job search providers each day may seem overwhelming at first. He offers practical suggestions for firms hoping to attract candidates by encouraging them to compose position descriptions that emphasize important keywords and clearly outline benefits or other work-related opportunities that make their company stand out among the crowd. Johnson also suggests that those searching for employment understand the importance of a well-crafted resume. This podcast offers helpful hints for all parties who hope to see talented drivers find rewarding careers.

“Transportation is definitely an industry that Indeed is focused on, and we’re investing resources because we know it’s one of the more difficult to find industries right now in the US job market.”

– Jeff Johnson

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jeff Johnson has the opportunity to represent Indeed as one of more than twenty evangelists for the company throughout the world who talk about the company, the 25 terabytes of data the company collects on its site each day, and the trends they see in the current marketplace
  • The significance that the transportation industry has among those industries that use Indeed as a way to post, fill, and publicize vacant positions available
  • Ways that the demand for drivers remains strong, as evidenced by traffic on Indeed and similar job sources
  • The importance of writing ads in a way that encourage search engine optimization for words and phrases that have strong interest, such as “truck driver,” as well as benefits companies offer that stand out in the crowd
  • How companies can develop a “recruitment funnel” that helps them find candidates that are best suited for particular opportunities they have available
  • How a smaller percentage of millennials are searching for transportation-related jobs compared to older generations
  • The value of using precise job titles to target interest in prospective drivers
  • How a well-developed resume in a job board’s resume database may connect candidates with careers
  • Ways that we can help meet the demand for drivers by attempting to target our ads and marketing to people in other industries that may have an interest in truck driving
  • The importance of composing well-written position descriptions for job openings

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