Episode 87: Addressing the Driver Shortage, with Jeremy Reymer

Jeremy Reymer is the founder and CEO of DriverReach and a fierce advocate for trucking industry concerns, particularly interested in addressing the driver shortage that is affecting carriers, industry-wide. From driver recruiting software to advocating for political action that would put more truck drivers on the road, Jeremy is a dedicated proponent of truck drivers and carriers alike.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of always being present, engaged and involved in any business
  • Why engagement is so critical for trucking companies addressing the driver shortage
  • How DriverReach is addressing the driver shortage situation and why advocacy is so important for helping trucking companies meet their demands
  • The impact of a dwindling supply of drivers has on organizations and how they can recruit drivers more effectively
  • Why Jeremy believes data is the driving force behind decisions, like the introduction of the Drive Safe Act
  • What the Drive Safe Act is and where it stands, now, in the legislative process
  • Jeremy’s work with ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) and how they are using data to develop solutions for drivers and carriers alike
  • How the concerns of drivers and carriers differ and the importance of addressing both.
  • The DriverReach response to the driver shortage and the tools they offer carriers to address the problem
  • The strategy DriverReach has for collaborating with other groups, leaders, and organizations to improve the entire industry
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