Episode 12:  It Starts with the Driver Application, with Jeremy Reymer

Since 2003 Jeremy Reymer has been dedicated to the trucking industry and helping companies that need safe, reliable CDL drivers.
Helping others is a passion of Jeremy’s – especially when he knows he can make a difference in their operation. He recognizes there’s always a better way…a more efficient, streamlined way to do things.
Jeremy had the honor of owning and managing a growing, successful CDL driver staffing company for over a decade that was sold to TransForce in September 2017. That transaction enabled him to focus 100% on his latest venture, also serving the trucking industry in the areas related to recruiting, qualifying, and hiring CDL drivers, called DriverReach.
DriverReach is a recruiting management solution that improves recruiting and qualifying CDL drivers, allowing companies to HIRE. BETTER. FASTER. Their mobile-optimized DOT application feeds directly into a state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with fully functional CRM capabilities.
Having the background and expertise in driver recruiting, safety and compliance has been a huge advantage creating a world-class, user-friendly and cost-effective product to help companies in their desperate need for qualified CDL drivers.
As the industry continues to evolve, and as the need for CDL drivers expands, Jeremy looks forward to being a part of the solution.

“In order to continue to grow, we need to embrace technology and operate as efficiently as possible.”

– Jeremy Reymer

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Some components of DriverReach
  • Why you can use DriverReach nationwide
  • What Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is
  • The low hanging fruit of tracking applicants over long periods of time
  • The advantage of DriverReach for drivers
  • How job applications are easier to fill out with DriverReach
  • How DriverReach helps recruiters by automatically sends out verification requests of previous employment
  • Company incentives to report or verify employment
  • Why competing on price is not the way to go
  • Being a solutions-based company by building relationships with other companies
  • Reasons Jeremy loves the trucking industry

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