Episode 84: Appreciating Drivers for Better Retention, with Joe Green

Joe Green is a driver recruiter for Bestway Express of Indiana, but before he stepped into his current role Joe was a driver himself. Now he uses his unique perspective to better understand drivers and their common frustrations. On this episode of Recruit and Retain: Trucking Edition, Joe offers his unique insights and discusses his thoughts on the importance of showing gratitude to drivers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Joe began his career as a truck driver, and how he recently transitioned to becoming a recruiter
  • How Joe viewed his time as a driver as a “vacation” opportunity to explore the country and see new sights
  • How Joe’s experience as a driver has informed his work as a recruiter and given him a better insight into common driver frustrations
  • Why Bestway Express gives their drivers a gift basket containing snacks and other small gifts every month
  • How Bestway’s communication differs from other carriers in Joe’s experience, and why those differences result in better retention numbers
  • How Bestway uses Facebook for its communications, and how Facebook engages not just the drivers but the community at large
  • Why Joe has found surprising success using Craigslist and radio advertising to promote his company
  • What efforts Bestway is making to attract new drivers, including starting their own small school
  • How changes in the industry such as e-logs are making major shifts in driver recruitment and retention
  • Why trucking is often a thankless and impersonal job, and why Joe feels Bestway is overcoming that dehumanizing experience for drivers

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