Episode 85: Recruiting Non-Driver Positions, with Joey Williams

Joey Williams is the Supervisor for Talent Acquisition (Non-Union) for YRC Freight. Joey joins the Recruit and Retain: Trucking Edition podcast to discuss the unique challenges he faces in recruiting non-driver positions in the transportation industry.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why there is an inherent difficulty in recruiting non-driver positions due to the mistaken perception that transportation companies only hire drivers
  • What experiences, insight, and knowledge Joey has been able to bring from his time in the healthcare industry that is applicable to the trucking industry
  • How hiring practices and job criteria are changing due to necessity and the shortage of people who check every box
  • Why YRC Freight uses behavioral-based interview questions more than pre-employment psychological testing or other similar tools
  • Why YRC Freight is working to rebrand themselves and change their marketing materials to remove any images of trucks and to avoid the word “freight”
  • How YRC Freight is working to recruit young professionals and new graduates and cultivating them into future executives for the company
  • Why LinkedIn is a major tool Joey and his team use to find new candidates, and what particular features LinkedIn offers have been the most useful for YRC Freight
  • Why the talent pool is changing, and why YRC Freight runs three different diversity and inclusion outreach initiatives
  • How YRC Freight is reaching out to school-age kids to show that there are opportunities both as drivers and as business professionals
  • How Joey’s team are using other platforms like Indeed and Handshake to recruit and to get their message out

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