Episode 33:  Continuous Improvement through Innovative Programs, with Josh Mecca

Josh Mecca is the Director of Recruiting at American Central Transport, a family-owned Central Midwest and Southeast regional carrier that operates approximately 325 hour units and more than 1,000 trailers. Josh is a proponent of continuous improvement, and his company exemplifies the importance of continuous improvement through its programs designed to ensure they have the best, happiest, most efficient truck drivers around.

“We just launched a brand new driver pay package that we like to call Dr. Your Pay and when we started looking at all the pay increases and we started looking at all the sign-on bonuses and everything that everybody is offering right now. We thought we can do this but we want to do it better. And more importantly we want to reward our fleet who is — no pun intended — pulling us forward, the ones that are pulling us in the right direction.”

– Josh Mecca

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why pay packages matter and why it also matters to have a third party to verify pay packages are in line with – if not better than – the current market
  • Helping employees set themselves up for success by doing things like offering a fuel coach to help drivers make better, more efficient decisions about driving
  • What a traction program is and how it can be beneficial by opening the hiring pool to not only veterans but new drivers, too, by partnering with the driving schools
  • How a program that combines a veteran driver with an entry level driver helps entry level drivers learn all different kinds of driving scenarios on the road
  • Mobilizing veteran drivers to improve programs, efficiency, and overall success of the business
  • The importance of hiring entry level drivers and female drivers to widen the range of hiring and basing the hiring in part on location because if closer to home, their rate of success is higher
  • The importance of offering packages that consider the driver’s whole family, lifestyle, and overall safety when it comes to recruitment and retaining good truckers

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