Episode 29:  Treating Drivers Like Customers, with Julian Beron

Julian Beron is the recruiting and retention manager for PGT Trucking. Founded in 1981, PGT has just shy of 1000 trucks across the United States and Julian helps make sure those trucks have the drivers they need.
His background in sales and retail play a surprising role in how he views driver recruitment and retention with the goal of treating drivers more like customers. And this isn’t lip service, as Julian describes, PGT uses their sales team, CRMs and active listening tools with their drivers the way most organizations do with customers, and the results speak for themselves.

“It’s all about the customer experience. In this scenario, the drivers are the customer. Making sure that they have a great experience with us is the first and foremost approach that we take with everything.”

– Julian Beron

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What does being a driver-centric company really mean and methods to be more driver-centric.
  • How to make sure feedback doesn’t fall on deaf ears and instead show drivers progress based on their feedback.
  • Giving your drivers a voice can have a huge impact on your drivers and your retention.
  • How to transform your sales team into a tool for driver retention.
  • Are you selling your drivers a dream or challenging them to see why they want to be a driver in the first place?
  • How you can use predictive indexing to make sure you have drivers on the right runs and with the right fleet manager.
  • What sort of recruiting mix to use from referral programs and rehire campaigns to social media and ad spends.
  • How to make active listening part of your driver hiring and retention processes.





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